One for the books

I remember all the times back at ASU when I would find myself thinking, “Oh my god, I am so busy.” This past week has shown me that those weeks have got nothing on the fast-paced, NYC life that I now live. Between interning at least 45 hours a week, hostessing for 12 hours each weekend, and two online classes full of reading and discussion boards, the work never stops. On top of this, I have to keep all my loyal High Fashion between Classes followers updated as well! My last post was the first of my “Devil Wears Prada- Debunked” series, and I’m happy to say this post will serve the second installment.


Now I’m sure some of you remember “The Book.” You know, the mock-up of the magazine that Andy has to wait around for each night so she can deliver it to Miranda. Well let me tell you, “The Book” actually does exist! I discovered this when I was given another assistant from Nina’s assistant, an assignment to make “The Book.” When telling me what I was going to do, he actually referenced The Devil Wears Prada. But how similar is “The Book” at Marie Claire to the one at Vogue?

The Verdict:

Yes, “The Book” is in fact real. But, there is no waiting around for it every night to deliver it to Nina– the pages get added in as they are finalized. Also, it only took me about 45 minutes to get the whole thing together. All I had to do was simply follow the outline for the April issue, print out a sheet for each page, and put it all together in a binder.

Anti-climatic? Maybe. Crucial to the magazine’s success? Absolutely.

Studded chokers and sailor hats

Get ready for the corniest line I’ve ever written on this blog- but time really does fly when you’re having fun. I cannot believe I’ve been at Marie Claire for more than 5 weeks now. Working 9 hour days in the closet and running all over the city is exhausting, so pardon my posting empathy. But have no fear, I’ve got a few good stories for you to make up for it.


For the past two weeks, there have been four of us working together in the closet– two in fashion, two in accessories. Over these two weeks, I was lucky enough to have a funny, spunky girl from Jersey to work with, and let me tell you, I don’t think Hearst has ever seen a pair of shoes checked in so quickly. All good things come to an end though, and my fellow intern had to head back to start school. On her last day, which was last Friday, I asked my boss if anyone would be starting the following week. She laughed and said, “You’re all alone, I’m sorry” like some sort of impending doom was headed my way. Luckily, things have stayed pretty calm this week, and I haven’t had any problems managing the accessories duties all by myself. That being said, there’s a run-through this Friday (yes, like the famous Devil Wears Prada run-through scene), so hopefully I will survive the chaos and be able to tell you guys all about it.


One of my favorite outfits so far

While wearing the outfit pictured above, I had my first (and hopefully not last) conversation with the queen herself, Nina Garcia. Our story begins with me in my natural state, shoving my food in my mouth in the conference room. Luckily I was close to finishing my food, because Nina walked by, and after hearing about her disdain for lazy, snacking interns, I quickly threw my food in the trash and followed her into the closet to get back to work. Nina doesn’t frequent the closet often, but when she does, it’s because she needs something– and this day it was props for her son’s school play.

“Do we have any sailor hats?? How are there not any sailor hats?” She asked as a fellow intern and I tore through every pile of hats in the closet. No surprise here, but my ever-so-graceful self dropped a stack full of visors on to Nina’s head. Luckily most of them missed her, and even more luckily, she was in a good mood. Once she gave up on sailor hats, she started her search for a crystal-studded choker. We scoured all of the jewelry drawers, and when those turned up empty, we moved on to the buckets of belts lining the closet walls. We had found a few that might work, but none that fit exactly what she was working for.

Refusing to give up, and refusing to let Nina remember me as the intern who dropped a tacky green visor on her head, I spotted a drawer labeled “studded belts.” I pulled it out and began to dig through it, and like a shining beacon of hope, a crystal-studded diamond belt grazed my finger tips. I pulled it out and eagerly said, “Nina, what about this one?” She turned and took it from me, and looked me in the eye and said, “This is perfect, exactly what I am looking for!” Let me tell you, retribution has never felt so good.


Feelin’ myself

So far, this week has been the best yet. I’ve bonded with my coworkers over things like shared hometowns and a love for grilled cheese, and I finally feel like I’m becoming a part of the Marie Claire family. I was lucky enough to sit down with the Senior Fashion Market Editor Brittany Kozerski today and pick her brain about career advice and the magazine industry in general. I have no idea if I’ll end up working at a magazine after graduation, but after the experiences I’ve had at Marie Claire, my desire to work toward that has never been stronger.

A quick trip to the queen’s castle

Ever since I was offered the opportunity to intern at Marie Claire, people have constantly been asking me if my experience was going to be anything like the classic, fashion cult film The Devil Wears Prada. First of all, I am not Andy Sachs and I’m not someone who fell into a job that “a million girls would kill for.” I’ve worked hard my entire college career with this being my ultimate end goal, so clearly my sentiments toward this job are going to be much different than hers. Even at the times when I’m running through ten blocks of Manhattan carrying Chanel luggage while feeling completely and utterly hopeless (yes, this actually happened) I’m still so grateful to be where I am. So sorry, Andy, you don’t have anything on me.

For anyone who dreams of working at a similar publication, or even those who don’t and are just curious, I want to debunk some of the most iconic moments in this movie to give the rest of the world a little insight into how many of Andy Sachs’ experiences actually take place every day the cutthroat cubicles at fashion magazines.

As most of you know, The Devil Wears Prada was inspired by working for Anna Wintour at Vogue. Now, Marie Claire may not be Vogue, but we do have an equally powerful presence with our creative director, Nina Garcia. For two weeks I came into the office to help Nina’s assistant to keep myself busy during the fashion team’s holiday vacation– but when you’re Nina’s assistant, there’s no such thing as vacation.

After working on a pretty basic task for a couple of hours one day, her assistant told me that we would be taking a field trip. We got in a cab and headed toward the Upper East Side (if you’re thinking Gossip Girl, you’re thinking correctly). Then it hit me, we were going to Nina’s house. As we were about to walk in, he told me, “Now, there aren’t really any rules going into Nina’s house, just be quiet. Obviously you can speak if someone talks to you, but otherwise just be quiet.”


Luckily for me, there were no directions to “leave the book on the table with the flowers” and I didn’t have to go in alone. But as soon as the 5’4″ fashion powerhouse was only about a foot away from me, I don’t even think I could have spoken. Commanding and intimidating, she quickly spoke with her assistant and then headed out the door to take her son to a doctor’s appointment. Granted, my experience wasn’t as dramatic as stumbling upon her and her husband in the middle of a fight, but it’s still pretty cool to say I’ve seen where one of fashion’s most influential women calls home.

The Verdict:

There’s a little bit of truth to this scene in the movie due to what Nina’s assistant told me right before we entered. But all I can say is thank god I didn’t have to go in alone, because I probably would have gotten confused and messed something up, and there’s no way I could have found two copies of the latest Harry Potter book the next day (especially considering it’s 2016).

New Year, Same Goals

I can’t believe that it’s already 2016. As cliche and embarrassing as it is, I feel like I’ve always been one of those “new year, new me” kind of girls– always trying to improve myself and leave behind who I was in hopes of becoming someone better. After being offered so many incredible opportunities these past few months, I’ve come to realize that whatever I’ve been doing is working well for me and I don’t think changing who I am would lead to any sort of drastic improvement. But, old habits die hard and I’ve come up with a few small changes I will hopefully make this year.

IMG_0459 (1)

That face you make when you realize it’s 2016 in a couple hours and realize you should probably figure out if you have any New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Refuse to settle for anything average- Above all, this phrase applies to my work ethic. I’m so beyond lucky to have the chance to intern at two of my dream companies this year, and there’s no way I’m going to give them anything less than perfection. Come May, I refuse to let you find me working at a company I hate and kicking myself for not trying harder to find job that I love.
  2. Get back into boxing and/or yoga- Okay okay, before you judge me for this one, my motivations aren’t weight loss, but rather stress management. Working in the fashion media industry, especially at the highest level, is hands down the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. Luckyily for me, when I get stressed, I get sick. So because of this, I’m getting my ass in gear and taking myself down to the nearest kickboxing studio and taking out my frustrations stemming from missing Gucci shoes and other fashion closet nightmares on a punching bag, rather than my health.
  3. Read at least one book each month- If there’s one thing that I need to change about myself, it’s definitely how much Netflix that I watch. Once I realized that I had seen every episode Criminal Minds at least four times, I decided it was time to make a change. So, this year I’m turning to books instead of television. That being said, please feel free to send me any book suggestions to help get me started on this resolution.


Enjoying as much free champagne as possible before I start my year of poverty as an unpaid intern and recent graduate with a BA.


That’s all I’ve got for now, so thanks, 2015, for one incredible year! And thank you, Marie Claire, for the romper that I was lucky enough to snag off the free table. Also thank you to whoever gave me mono a few months back, because thanks to you I was bedridden and starving for a week, and therefore tiny enough to fit into a size kid’s XL😉


No devil, probably some Prada

It’s official, I have survived my first full week of work in the Marie Claire fashion closet. After four lost (and then found) watches, two 11-hour shifts, and one mental breakdown, I came out of it alive. Needless to say, I struggled. Starting a new internship in arguably the most cutthroat, competitive industry in the biggest market in the world made me realize just how lucky I have been to intern in Arizona for the past three and a half years. Back in Tempe, there was never a time when I felt scared to ask a question because I wasn’t sure how to do my job. You’re spoiled working at smaller companies, because people actually have the time to teach you how to do your job. Here in New York, it’s sink or swim– and swimming is the only option. But don’t worry, I’ve been swimming just fine and attempting to document it all along the way.

A major drawback of constantly having something super important to work on is the fact that I’d probably get burnt at stake if anyone caught me trying to get cute outfit pictures for this blog. But, thanks to the Hearst elevators, I have decided to document the next six weeks with at least one elevator selfie a day.

Day 1:

My first day was so stressful and all over the place that I don’t think that I could put my roller coaster of emotions into coherent sentences. So I’ll let my photos do the talking.



Here we find the young and naiive Emmy ready for her first day of work!



Eight hours into the shift and no end in sight. I’m afraid I might die, but keeping some hope due to the fact that people probably think I can actually afford things from Dior and Gucci.



Defeated. And as you can see, the cute little ankle boots (and their 3-inch heel) were replaced by my dear old friends, my New Balances.

Day 2:


… and without the coat


Day two was tough. For the first time in my life, the thought of quitting crossed my mind. Did I really want to spend the next six weeks being miserable working hours on end for no pay and no praise? But then I realized that I’ve never quit something like this in my life. On one hand I thought, if you’re really this upset and this miserable, don’t let yourself live like this for the next month and a half. Then on the other hand, I realized that most things get better with time and all I had to do was get over the learning curve.

Day 3:


Day three was the turning point, because it was my first day without any other accessories interns there to help me. I had most of the basics down, but there were still a few tasks that I wasn’t sure how to do. That’s what is so tricky about this kind of job– it’s so easy to figure out the general idea of what you’re asked to do, but the devil is in the details, and when you’re dealing with a $10,000 watch, you don’t want to miss a single detail. Luckily, by this point I had learned how to approach the fashion and accessories assistants with questions in a way that didn’t make me sound completely useless. Also, I saw Nina Garcia for the first time this day, and it was easily the coolest thing that had happened since I started working.

Day 4:


Day four sealed the deal for me and made me realize that this is something I can do and potentially kick ass at. After running an errand for the editor in chief’s assistant, she made it a point to tell my boss that she had great interns, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of myself. This first week showed me that if you want to survive in this industry doing a great job is expected, and if you want to excel you better find a way to go above in beyond in everything that you do.


So, there you have it. I survived my first week at Marie Claire without losing, breaking or destroying anything. Hopefully I can continue on with that streak over the next five weeks and stick to impressing the assistants, rather than inconveniencing them. No matter what happens, at least I’ll have an incredible view.

Make sure to check back soon to see what the coming weeks have in store for me!

My first bite of the Big Apple

After carefully calculating two perfectly packed suitcases and a surprisingly smooth trip, I made it to my newfound New York City home last night. For the next six months I will be living at the Webster Apartments in Midtown (I think?). Apparently there are about 100 little neighborhoods within Manhattan, so bare with me until I sort them all out. So far, I’m loving the neighborhood that I’m in because it’s constantly packed with people and I doubt I will ever say the words “I’m bored” during these next few months.


Lucky for me, I ran into an old friend at the airport yesterday who was also traveling to NYC, so I didn’t have to spend my first night eating dinner alone. Today, I spent the day in downtown with another friend who is spending a few days in the city. We visited Ground Zero, explored downtown, ate lunch in Little Italy, and finished up at Macy’s so I could buy myself a pillow in hopes of making my shoe box of a room a little more comfortable.

IMG_0303In regards to what I wore, I’m incredibly grateful for my time in Paris, because I’ve already had months of experience getting dressed in one of the best-dressed cities in the world. I’m also grateful for Paris, because I learned that just because a jacket or a pair of boots looks warm, doesn’t mean they actually are warm. With these two things in mind, I came prepared with wool jackets and fuzzy socks in tow.

Temperatures hung out in the 50s today, so there was no need for a parka and snow boots. I decided on a pair of Madewell skinny jeans, an Express coat that I’ve had since high school, Marc Fisher knee-high boots and an H&M over-sized scarf.


My time in Paris also taught me that life becomes incredibly boring with only two handbags to pick from– so this time I brought five. Today I opted for my trusty Rebecca Minkoff top handle. I threw on a couple rings, and I was good to go!


I’m so excited to see what’s to come in the next few months, and it all starts tomorrow with my first day as an accessories intern at Marie Claire. I cannot believe that something I’ve dreamed about for so long is actually becoming a reality in just a few hours. I think I’ve decided on the perfect outfit, and all of my nerves are slowly turning into excitement– at least until I walk into the Hearst Tower doors. Now, it’s time for me to hopefully fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

Make sure to follow my blog to stay up to date on all of NYC adventures!

Time for Change

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of working at a magazine. I first started reading Seventeen when I was eight years old, and the rest was history. My junior year of high school I started taking yearbook, which is basically like your high school’s version of a magazine if you think about, and my desire to work for a major publication grew. Then I applied to ASU because of their exceptionally easy application process and ended up falling in love with their journalism program. My freshman year started and I told myself that I was going complete six internships by the time I graduated.

With such lofty career goals, I knew that I’d have to get as much as experience as possible to even be considered in such a cutthroat industry. For me, it’s always been Hearst, Condé Nast or nothing. Right now I’m currently working for internships six and seven, and making plans for magic number eight for next semester.

I’ve been compiling a list of contacts at every major magazine and public relations firm for months, waiting for the opportunity to actually start emailing all of these people. After spending hours perfecting my cover letter (shout out to all my roommates and friends who listened to me read it to them 700 times) and waking at 5am for multiple phone interviews, it finally came time to decide were I would be working next semester. I had the choice between two incredible publications, but after thinking long and hard about what would be the best career move, I finally made up my mind.

Marie Claire_January 2015

I’m so beyond excited to say that I have accepted an accessories internship at Marie Claire magazine. I will be moving to New York City in literally five weeks and diving into 10 hour work days on the 34th floor of Hearst Tower. This feels a lot like the move to Paris, because it’s a combination of the most excited and the most terrified that I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s probably the coolest thing in the world to see so many years of hard work result in such an incredible opportunity. When I received my offer email, I don’t think I really even processed what happened. The girl from Colorado Springs, Colorado is moving to NYC to work for Marie Claire. That doesn’t happen to just anyone.

As excited as I am to move forward with such an exciting opportunity, it’s heartbreaking knowing that these last few weeks are really all I have with everyone at ASU. The nights spent bumming around for hours with my little, dancing on the same tables at the same bars every weekend, and girl dates at Thai Basil mean so much more than they ever have, and I’d be lying if I said it was going to be easy to leave all of these people I’ve grown up with over the past three and a half years.

As of right now, my time at Marie Claire is set to end in February, and I’ve got one of the most exciting interviews yet coming up this Tuesday for an opportunity that would start afterwards. Check back soon for hopefully even more exciting news and feel free to send any tips about living the Big Apple my way!

Denver Days

Just a little warning– this post is a bit overdue, but better late than never right? Right before I headed back to AZ for the fall, my wonderful best friend took me on a trip to Denver to visit our local amusement park. Despite my fear of heights, I was somehow born with an innate love of roller coasters, so you can imagine my delight in a free trip to a theme park. Even though it’s only a 45 minute drive from my home, I rarely make it up here so I was happy to have an excuse to make the trip up north. We started our day with brunch (with mimosas of course) and then followed it with a photo shoot before our we got inevitably disgusting at Six Flags.


My outfit consisted of Zara sandals that I bought in Paris (and still have dirt on them from the Jardin de Luxembourg), an over-sized striped tank, high-waisted shorts, a chambray shirt and, of course, my go-to Rebecca Minkoff bag.

IMG_4044Although there were a few outfit changes throughout the day (one of them you can see here in my StyleGuru Bio on this is what I ended up wearing for our trek around the amusement park. I must admit though, I had to trade in the sandals for some sneakers and my favorite Rebecca Minkoff bag for a fanny pack.

IMG_4030IMG_4037Am I doing this “candid” thing right?

IMG_4026Even though I’m now back in Arizona, you better believe I will definitely be making more trips to Denver the next time I’m in my beautiful home state.

Flawless festival style tips

In my opinion, no summer vacation is complete without a music festival. This year, I decided to go to one of my absolute favorites, Global Dance Festival, an electronic music festival at Red Rocks Amphitheater. I’ve been to this festival four times now, and I must say this one not only had the best music (Seven Lions, please call me if you’re ever single) but also my best dressed festival to date. Granted, the last time I went was two years ago, but when I’m lucky enough to stumble upon the photos of my high school days, I can’t help but cringe. I’ll spare you the gruesome details and the even more offensive photos, but hey, at least I finally got it together.

Night One

global 1(Free People top, high-waisted shorts, gold arm cuff, best friend with a great hair do)

For the first night of Global, I was at a little bit of loss for what to wear because I felt so out of practice with festival dressing. But after a recent trip to Nordstrom Rack, I had been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear my new Free People shirt. Feeling a little Grecian inspiration from this flowy frock, I added in a gold arm band, a few rings and left my hair wavy. When it comes to dressing up, I always like to follow one rule. If one item is loose, keep the other one tight. For example, with a shirt like this I made sure to choose a tight pair of shorts to avoid looking sloppy. Note: this rule doesn’t apply if you’re going for purposefully over-sized look.

Night Two

The second night fell victim to a late start, and therefore no time to take a cute picture. I wore a striped, over-sized tank, burgundy shorts and a rainbow choker that some kind stranger gave me on the first night. Because I don’t have a picture for you, here’s a shot of the beautiful venue.

FullSizeRenderRed Rocks, you never cease to amaze me.

Night Three

global2(Forever 21 off-the-shoulder top, high-waisted shorts, Steven Madden gladiators)

For the final night of the festival I opted for a floral off-the-shoulder top, black shorts, and my favorite gladiators. Typically, I shy away from patterns any crazier than stripes, although it is something I’m working on, but when I saw this top on sale, I couldn’t help but snag it. I balanced out the vivacious print with the black shorts and sandals. This outfit was hands-down my favorite because it combined a super feminine top with bad-ass shoes. Gotta save the best for last right?

Even though festival season is nearing its end, here’s some last minute inspiration if you have a concert coming up on your calendar.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.11.33 PM

When the sun starts to shine

The sun is finally shining in Paris, and my legs are starting to see sunshine for maybe the 5th or 6th time since I’ve been here. The sad thing about that? I’m leaving in two weeks. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be taking full advantage of the few days left that I have with skirts and crop tops (yep, I wore crop tops in the best-dressed city in the world).

IMG_6739As a die-hard crop top fan, you best believe that I brought a few with me on my trip across the pond. The key to wearing crop tops in a classy way is making sure that you match them with something with a nice high waist. This pleated beaut from Forever21 covers my belly button, which in my opinion is an absolute must when you have it pierced liked I do.

FullSizeRenderPretty much all of my friends back in the US have made no effort to hide their disgust toward my New Balances. Well, let me tell you two things. First of all, they are absolutely crucial to making sure your feet don’t fall off when you are walking on average 10 miles per day through the city. Second, 90% of Parisians wear them, so basically you’re the weirdo if you don’t own a pair (not me).

Overall, I cannot believe that my time left in this city is down to only two weeks and leaving is the last thing I want to do. Plus, that means I only have fourteen more days to get as many cute outfit selfies as possible. Wish me luck! (Although in this city, I doubt I’ll need it)