Night time attire: Classy vs. Trashy

When going out at night, ASU ladies often flirt with the fine line that divides classy and trashy. Unfortunately, many girls often drunkenly fall over this line in their stripper heels into the dark abyss that is known as “trashy.” Yes, you want to look good and impress those fraternity men, but there are elegant ways to do it! Read on to discover the best ways to classy and sexy without ever being perceived as trashy (unless you start dancing on tables without a shirt on, because that’s all on you, girlfriend).

Bodycon dresses: Classy

Bodycon dresses (collage created via
Bodycon dresses (collage created via

The bodycon dress is the ideal going-out garment, because it shows off all the right places without sacrificing coverage. Keep in mind, the bodycon dress must be approached with caution, because sometimes it might be a bit too over-the-top for an average Tuesday night at the frat castle.

Shorts that borderline underwear: Trashy

Classy vs. trashy shorts (collage created via
Classy vs. trashy shorts (collage created via

There is absolutely nothing wrong with rocking some short shorts to show off all those calf raises you’ve been doing at the gym, but you have to keep the cheeks covered. Yes, the high-waisted vintage mom shorts are adorable, but it is completely possibly to obtain (or make yourself) a pair that doesn’t let it all hang out.

Mixing fitted and loose pieces: Classy

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 8.15.55 PM
The perfect combinations of fitted and flared pieces. (Collage created via

Mixing fitted pieces with looser pieces is the ultimate way to look good at a party, while still maintaining your morals. The key to looking sexy and classy is strategically choosing which parts of your body to highlight and which parts to cover up.

Here’s what students had to say…

“I would wear something that flatters your figure, say a bodycon dress that hugs your curves. And what I like to do is when it comes to showing skin, just show off one part at a time.” -Kaia Evans, sophomore.

“First thing that comes to mind, trashy equals butt cheeks hanging out of your dress.” -Lauren Arterburn, senior

“I think heels and a tight dress at a frat party is way too much. I think gladiator type sandals with a cute skirt or shorts and a crop top is cute.” -Lilly Simpson, sophomore

“I think if you are going to dress up, a pair of cute lace shorts or leather shorts parred with a flattering top is far more tasteful than a short revealing dress. Also I think it’s important to leave some things to the imagination. For example, if you’re showing your legs, I wouldn’t have a super low cut shirt and vice versa.” -Jessica Cook, junior

“There’s nothing more trashy than a grandma booty hanging out of high-waisted cutoff shorts.” -Brian Gallagher, junior


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