Kimonos: The New Cardigan

There’s a new type of cardigan running rampant all over campus this year: the kimono. You might be thinking of the traditional Japanese dress, but these trendy new jackets are far from traditional. They are often sheer with some sort of pattern embroidered into the fabric. Fringe details on the bottom of the hem or along the sleeves are also common mini-trends among kimonos. Currently, the online store NastyGal is on the forefront for selling this hot new item, but they are sure to invade the likes of Forever21 and other in-store retailers in the near future.

Nastygal kimonos
Kimonos available on (collage created via

Kimonos have been popping up all over campus and can be styled in a wide variety of ways. Kimonos can be thrown on over any fitted or bodycon dress to make a basic wardrobe staple extremely fashionable. They can also be layered over tops paired with your favorite jeans or high-waisted shorts to add a little extra flair to any outfit. Kimonos come in a variety of lengths, and when wearing extra long ones, they should be the centerpiece of the outfit, so make sure not to pair them with any busy prints or bold silhouettes to let them really shine!

Let’s see how ASU students are rocking the kimono…


“I love kimonos because they are so versatile and convenient to add a little flare your wardrobe. They are so much more stylish than your average cardigan.” Alexa Renfroe, sophomore


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