Football Game Fashion

Game day is one the most under appreciated style events on a college campus. You’ll find plenty of drunk freshmen wandering around in cut-up move-in week shirts and the stylish upperclassmen that wear real clothing. Regardless of what look is best for you, they are all absolutely perfect for ASU football games. When getting ready for a football games, there are a few things one must consider before leaving the tailgate.

Printi Sandu, Alec Kirshner and Jillian Lopez before the OSU game. Photo credit: Pritn Sandu

Is it comfortable?    You will be getting hot and sweating from all the pitch fork throwing, so make sure your outfit leaves a little room to breath. Opt for a flowy shirt or a bro tank to avoid pit stains.

Do I care if beer gets spilled on this?
This is not the time to wear chiffon, satin or basically anything that you can’t wash without a dry cleaner. You will get something gross on you at some point.
Does it say ASU on it? Leave your U of A trash in the closet (just kidding, it’s not like you would own any of that filth anyway).

Brooke Pettet, Lindsey Knutson and Cierra Weimer before the Blackout Game against Wisconsin. Photo credit: Lindsey Knutson

The girls pictured on the left have mastered cutting extra large T’s into stylish crop tops. But for those of us who are missing the crafting gene, the cute cut up t-shirts aren’t really an option. Coming from someone who butchered every single move-in shirt in an attempt to look adorable for the first football game last year, it’s okay to admit that you just aren’t capable of creating a shirt. But there is no need to panic, because there is one ASU student who can create whatever kind of shirt (or dress) you’re looking for.

Designs by Owusu

Kendra Owusu, a sophomore at ASU, has created her very own clothing line featuring game day apparel called Designs by Owusu. All you have to do is provide an extra-large t-shirt or two and a few bucks and she’ll make them into a stylish shirt or dress for you. Check out this video for a little more about Kendra or stalk her designs on Instagram.


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