Stylish options for cold(ish) weather

Break out your Uggs and infinity scarves, ladies, because it’s less than 65 degrees out. Tempe suddenly becomes the Arctic tundra when the thermometer drops below crop top-worthy weather. Every girl wears leggings, riding boots and an over-sized sweater while shivering violently as she holds her red, holiday Starbucks cup. This outfit is great, but it’s not exactly the most creative. Oh, and if you don’t like riding boots and leggings, then you need to go to some weird liberal arts school and get out of ASU.

But there are so many other options to keep yourself warm during this cold front without looking like every other girl on campus. Read on for some possible style inspiration that will keep you nice and toasty all winter.

1. Not-so-average leggings and riding boots

Collage created via
Collage created via

Step up your legging game with some above average pairs. Try out a crazy pattern like these galaxy print ones and save your Lululemons for the gym. If bold patterns aren’t your thing, leggings with a special texture or finish add just enough pop to this usually average ensemble.

2. Over-sized cardigans & dresses

Collage created via
Collage created via

Just because summer is (finally) over that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear cute, little dresses everyday. Pair a simple, fitted dress with an over-sized cardigan and combat boots, and you’re ready to brave the elements. Throw in some knee-high socks and a beanie to make you a little warmer and lot more fabulous.

3. Flannels and infinity scarves

Collage created via
Collage created via

Flannels are not only going to keep your warm on your daily trek to the MU, but they are also one of the cutest ways to cover up. Pair this traditionally masculine item with a light-colored infinity scarf to look effortlessly cool without freezing.


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