Dressing the part: Interviewing for a job in retail

Yesterday I had my first in-person interview for my first job in retail. You would think for a girl who shops as much as I do, that I would have some retail experience under my belt, but sadly my high school jobs consisted mostly of ice cream stores and coffee shops. On the bright side I can make a really great cappuccino, and that’s a life skill you can’t put a price on. Anyway, I scored a second interview for the end of the week so I thought I’d share my outfit.2014-06-09 13.55.15-1

I think you’ll be shocked by how inexpensive this entire ensemble was. The blazer is from Charlotte Russe and cost about $20. I bought it my senior year of high school when I decided I needed to start my “big girl” wardrobe. The tank underneath literally cost me $3. I repeat: three. dollars.

The pants are from Kohl’s (in case you haven’t caught on, Kohl’s is the love of my life and the reason my bank account has any money in it.) I am absolutely obsessed with harem pants, especially patterned ones. Patterned bottoms are my go-to when I’m shopping because they instantly add an edge and sophistication to any outfit, no matter the occasion.

The shoes are the Jennifer Lopez brand, which is sold at, you guessed it, Kohl’s. I spent about $10 on these shoes, because Kohl’s randomly decides to put everything on sale all the time. The heel is only about three inches, which makes them the perfect height for job interview. There is nothing more unprofessional than hobbling into human resources wearing stripper heels.


What is your go-to look for a job interview? Holla at me in the comments section.


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