All black everything

Last night I worked my very first event for Phoenix Fashion Week. At this event, we introduced the 14 emerging designers selected to go through our “designer boot camp” and then show their collections during fashion week in October. I snagged this job with my awesome resume and even better outfit (see it here) and I’m so excited to be involved! When we work events, we are required to wear all black. IMG_3509For this event I chose a black shift dress from Express. It’s embroidered by the neckline and falls a little bit above the knee. This dress was perfect for running around and setting up a fashion show, because it was long enough me to be bend over (without giving the world a free show) and it was light enough to keep me cool. I put a simple black blazer on top because I needed pockets to carry my phone.

I chose black ankle strap wedges from because these are literally the comfiest wedges on the planet. I added a pop of color with a turquoise statement necklaces and accessorized with gold jewelry in different shades.

IMG_3511I actually wore black liquid eyeliner to this event, which is pretty out of character for me when I’m at work. But because this was a night-time event, I figured it was alright to look a little glamorous. I wore my hair straight and down to cover up my shoulders in case I wanted to take off the blazer.

Check back tomorrow for a full write-up about the actual event! These designers are absolutely amazing, and one is even from my wonderful hometown, Colorado Springs. You won’t want to miss it πŸ™‚


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