It’s not work if you love it

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts these past few days! With my birthday week (yes, I make my birthday a week-long event) and all of my other life distractions, I’ve had some serious posting negligence. But don’t worry, ya girl is back.

2014-06-11 14.32.37
Throwin’ what we know with my lovely co-workers.

I just recently started my internship with 224 Apparel and I’m already loving it. For those unaware, 224 is a custom apparel company who makes literally anything your heart could desire, but they have their largest market within the Greek apparel industry.

We are launching so many exciting new projects that I wish I could tell you about, but it’s all top secret. Our newsletter was the first was of these new ventures, which features all of the styles and trends that we are super into at 224 for the month. Check it out below, and definitely make sure to subscribe on our Facebook page if you like what you see 🙂

june newsletterI think my favorite part about working at 224 is that I get to hang out with awesome girls from all over the Greek community. The new projects that we are working on are probably going to be the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, so it’s killing me not to spill the beans. Check back soon to stay updated with the most exciting 224 news.

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