Crop tops in the office: It’s a thing

In my opinion, crop tops are never going out of style. They’ve not only become a staple in every girl’s summer wardrobe, but they’ve moved on up to the professional scene. Granted, if you’re working in a corporate office or law firm, you probably don’t want to show up wearing a half-shirt. As for the rest of you… Want to know the secret to wearing a crop top at work?


If it rises an inch above your belly button, without your cheeks hanging out, you are good to go. I’m going to show you two different ways to rock  a crop top in the office; one is a little more casual Friday, but the other you could definitely get away with in front of even the most traditional clients.

2014-07-07 15.47.53◊Casual Friday◊

Although there is a tiny sliver of skin showing, the length of the skirt and the complete lack of cleavage make the crop top totally office appropriate. If this is still a little bold for you, opt for a cropped sweater instead, that way your arms are totally covered as well, but considering I live in Arizona, I’m all about this sleeveless beauty from H&M. I have the cutest outfit featuring the cropped sweater I just bought from Urban, so look out for that once it cools down (even though that will be in like six months here, so sorry for getting you excited so early).

2014-06-23 16.20.56◊Board Room Babe◊

This boxy chiffon top (also from H&M) is the perfect way to incorporate a crop top into a more professional look. The loose fit and high neckline make this shirt sophisticated and office-appropriate. Class up the look even more with a pair of harem pants or wide-leg trousers (if you’re feeling daring) and a pointy-toed pump, and you’re ready to conquer those scary, pantsuit-wearing office executives.

 What are your thoughts about crop tops in the office? Tweet at me or comment below with your opinion!


6 thoughts on “Crop tops in the office: It’s a thing

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