Phoenix Fashion Week: Shop Garment District

Last Friday the Phoenix Fashion Week team put on our best event to date, Shop Garment District at Hotel Valley Ho! This event was so much fun to work, but even better to shop because all 13 emerging designers and accessory designers had their pieces for sale. After the shopping concluded, guests were treated to show where each of the designers showed four looks from the collections that they will show at Fashion Week in the fall.

One of my favorite emerging designers is Kismit. All of her pieces are so wearable and I am beyond excited for her to open up her online shop within the next few months! There’s just enough edge in her designs to keep everything interesting and unique, but it’s not so out-of-the-box where you wouldn’t have anywhere to wear them.

2014-08-08 19.58.43
Pieces from Kismit’s fall 2014 collection

Jacqueline Nicole is another one of my favorite designers. Her pieces are all so feminine (shocking that I love her, right?) and extremely wearable. I fell in love with her crocodile print-embossed black cropped sweater at the Emerging Designer Announcement, and at this event I finally gave in and bought it! Look out for a post soon about how I style it (just have to wait for it too cool down a little bit here in Arizona).

Jacqueline Nicole at her booth.
Jacqueline Nicole at her booth wearing one of her own designs.

Lillienne Lang also wowed in one of her handcrafted garments. The workmanship that goes into her pieces is absolutely breathtaking and it was so nice to finally get a chance to talk with her and see her designs up close! All of the pieces she presented during the show were immaculate and jaw-dropping; she is definitely going to be one to watch for during fashion week in October.


2014-08-08 18.34.33
Lillienne Lang in her own design.

Charmosa Swimwear is all about versatility, which is very refreshing in a world where luxury dominates over everything. The swimsuit that she showcased on her model (seen below in the picture) can be worn twelve different ways. That’s right, twelve different swimsuits for the price of one. Whether you make it a one-piece or reverse to a different color, you’ll never be able to say you “have nothing to wear” (well, to the beach at least).

Charmosa Swimwear's booth.
Charmosa Swimwear’s booth.

Along with hanging out with designers and meeting all sorts of fabulous people, I get to work with some of the kindest and funniest people in the business. The media team has turned into a little family and I’m so grateful that I get to work with people I’d actually hang out with as well!

Love my fellow fashion ambassadors. (Destanye, Danny, Jesse and yours truly)
My lovely fellow fashion ambassadors. (Destanye, Danny, Jesse and yours truly)
Our fab video team. Check out their work with Phoenix Fashion Week TV!
Our video team and fashion host, Hanna Tucker. Check out their work with Phoenix Fashion Week TV!

Overall, this event was my favorite one yet, just because it was so fun to really get to know each of the designers and find out what they are all about. They all draw their inspiration from such different places, like Misha Mendecino’s love for elephants or Schuylark’s Earth-friendly approach to fashion. I couldn’t be more excited to see what they are going show during Fashion Week this October! You won’t want to miss it, so snag your seats here before they’re all gone.

Calling all bloggers! Our next event is just for you, so if you would like info about attending, let me know!


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