Phoenix Fashion Week Review

After three long days, Phoenix Fashion Week has finally come to a close. It was a long three days (even though I missed the second one to have big-little reveal for my sorority) but nonetheless it was exhausting! For the two days I did work the event, I was working the log-in lounge. My job was to coordinate interviews between the media and the designers, and it was actually a ton of fun. I got to mingle with local bloggers and chat with the designers about their final collections.

2014-10-02 18.33.16-2Each night had a theme, lifestyle, evening and luxury. The third and final night was the most exciting of the three because the Designer of the Year was announced.

2014-10-04 21.59.18Please excuse the iPhone 4 quality photos, but the top four designers were State Forty Eight, Blackberry Maverick, Woman’s Touch Apparel, and Mischa Mendicino. The designers faced a series of challenges throughout the months leading up to Fashion Week, including those that measured their professionalism and business practices. Designer of the Year went to Mischa Mendicino, a Scottsdale local who donates a portion of her proceeds to elephant conservation.

2014-10-04 14.01.12-3For the final night, I figured I would step my outfit game up. I’m not quit sure what I was thinking, but I somehow forgot to take a picture of my outfit for the first night. I wore a black skater skirt, chiffon short-sleeved black button up, nude ankle strap heels and tiny top knot on the apex of my head. For the final night, I wore my Jacqueline Nicole sweater that I bought at Shop Garment District in August, high-waisted H&M shorts, and Charming Charlie booties.

2014-10-04 19.54.58Overall, it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to get back to work next year. Make sure to check back here to stay updated on all of the latest Phoenix Fashion Week events!


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