In case you haven’t heard…

I’m going to Paris!

I will be spending my spring semester at the Institut Catholique de Paris. I leave in less than a month and everything is starting to become so real. I’m absolutely stoked and terrified all at the same time. So this is what my school looks like, which is a complete 180 from the giant, spread-out ASU campus that I’m used to. I’m not sure where the frat guys hang out, but hopefully it’s near by (joking.)


ILCFI’m still not too sure what to expect on the inside, because these are some of the only pictures that I can find of the school. I took a little walk around the neighborhood that my school is in through GoogleMaps, which was easily the most exciting thing I’ve done all of winter break. I’m still waiting to find out my host family, so I’ll let you know as soon as I do so we can stalk them together. The suspense of waiting for my living arrangements is absolutely brutal– please identify yourself if you’re reading this 😉

I’ve done an obscene amount of shopping to look as Parisian as possible, which including an amazing faux fur jacket from Urban that may or may not be the chicest thing I’ve ever owned. I also bought an over-sized black cocoon coat, a black Rebecca Minkoff bag, and black ankle boots. Black black black. When the packing starts to get real, I’ll be sure to document the explosion of clothing that will surely take over my room.

Check back soon for more updates about my Parisian adventure, or holla if you have any study abroad tips!



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