A fresh take on basics: Meet French designer Jacquemus

Although winter break can be painfully boring at times, it also has it perks, one of which being that fact that I can read as much as I want to. Today I was browsing Style.com (aka the fashion bible) and I was reading an article about anticipated fashion collaborations coming this year. As I was reading the list of possible Target collaborators, a designer popped up that I’d never heard of — Jacquemus.

Simon Porte Jacquemus is the creative mind behind this amazingggg new French label. He takes basic silhouettes and puts a modern and luxurious twist on them. Whether it be a simple cocoon coat with the pockets serving as the point of focus or sheer cropped top covered in fabric circles, there’s something about these little details that add so much complexity to a typically average style.

la-robe-enfant la-veste-mi-longue-oreille le-pull-double-tetes

Along with this, his look books are so cool. I know “cool” is such a lame adjective, but the images are so edgy and raw that I don’t think there is any other word to describe it. They tell a story and they leave you wanting to know more about the woman wearing his clothes. I don’t feel like I’m looking at a model, I feel like I’m looking at a normal girl who lives a weird and intriguing life. 23415jpg 154Looks from “La Maison“- my personal favorite

In my opinion, Jacquemus is soon going to be a well-known designer with some of the most famous style icons sitting in the front row of his shows. Go ahead and quote me if I’m wrong, but I really doubt I will be because Jacquemus’s designs encompass everything that women want right now– simplicity with an instant cool factor. The only downfall about his clothing? I can’t afford any of it.

1720And bonus points for the fact that he’s a total babe.


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