15 Days To Go

After weeks of complaining about not having my study abroad housing yet, I finally received my email last night telling me where I’m going to live next semester! I will be spending my spring semester in a four-bedroom house with a host mom and a few siblings in the 14th arrondissement. The neighborhood is pretty residential, but I’m sure I’ll find some way to entertain myself. This area is known for housing the famous catacombs, and thanks to my sister renting a terrifying movie about the catacombs I will most definitely not be visiting them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 5.12.12 PM
I know this is an ugly screenshot, but here it is!

My host mom is a banker who has apparently been doing this for many years. There’s a 19-year-old boy, Victor, and a 13-year-old girl, Lauren. She also has a 26 year-old son, Arnaud, who no longer lives at home but visits often. This is pretty much the only information they gave me, but I could not be more excited. To be honest, I was so scared and nervous that I didn’t even want to talk about leaving. But now that I have people to Facebook stalk (I think I might have found you, Victor) and a home to visualize myself in, I can’t wait to leave. It still doesn’t seem real, and it probably won’t until I get off the plane, but I’ll keep you updated along the way.


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