Packing for Paris

Today is Friday, so that means Sunday is only two days away. The nerves have finally settled and I’m starting to get excited. After reading basically every blog post ever written about how to pack for a trip to Paris, I finally started my own packing endeavor. Considering all of the posts that I read were super helpful, I figured I would pay it forward and write one of my own. Here’s a look into the wardrobe winners that will be making their way to Paris with me.


image4Gray high-low dress, striped t-shirt dress, NastyGal black dress, long sleeve green dress, gray embellished dress, Project Social t-shirt dress, sunflower day dress

Picking out dresses seemed to be one of my harder decisions to make, but ultimately I opted for three going out dresses and four day time dresses. I think that almost all of these dresses could be styled for day or night, so I’m sure that I’m going to get a lot of use out of them. Hint hint- make sure to check back for outfit of the day posts to see what I come up with!


FullSizeRenderGray v-neck t-shirt, crochet crop top, olive and black tank, crochet detail crop top, gray pocket tank, gray crop top, black crop top

FullSizeRenderFuzzy cardigan, black tuxedo blazer, three button-ups, simple gray long sleeve, gingham print button-up, shoulder-detail black sweater, three H&M long sleeve tees

Personally, I think shirts are the most important thing to pack. They’re usually the first thing that people notice about your outfit, so you have to make sure they’re versatile enough to wear a bunch of different ways. Note: although they aren’t pictured, I also brought about five simple tanks for the sake of layering and warmth.


image5Forever 21 fuzzy sweater, cropped beige sweater, red over-sized sweater

I own way too many sweaters, so for this trip I made my decision based off two factors: style and warmth. Along with these three, I’m also bringing and cream over-sized sweater (currently in the wash) and a navy funnel-neck sweater that was way too difficult to fold neatly, and therefore got left out of the picture.

Jackets + Coats

image1Black over-sized cocoon coat, H&M trench, Urban Outfitters faux fur jacket, black NastyGal shaggy cardigan

Considering I’ve lived in Arizona for the past two and half years, it’s safe to say that I have absolutely no idea how to dress for the cold anymore. I decided on an over-sized coat in black for everyday wear and then a classic trench for the warmer days. I’ve also recently developed an obsession with faux fur, and that’s how that beauty on the lower left made its way to me. Finally, I bought the NastyGal cardigan a few months ago, not realizing how bulky it was. It might have had no place in Tempe, but I think it will be put to good use in Paris.


FullSizeRenderBlack pajama jeans (yep, pajama jeans), shiny black leggings, GAP boyfriend jeans, gray ripped DSTLD jeans, black leather leggings, athletic leggings. Not pictured: Black Madewell skinny jeans, cropped lulus

Along with not owning a lot of jackets, I also needed to stock up on pants. After losing 2 sizes from boxing all break (shout out to my trainer Joe!) I decided to reward myself with a pair a DTSLD jeans and they are the comfiest, cutest of jeans I’ve ever owned. Along with that, I loaded up on leggings because I refuse to wear actual pants as often as possible. And, as an added bonus, my Madewell jeans are big enough to fit a pair of leggings under them for the extra chilly days.


FullSizeRenderAnkle strap heels, black Chelsea boots, short brown combat boots, black Steve Madden motorcycle boots, gladiator sandals, tan flats, d’orsay pointy toed flats, black pumps. Not pictured: Nike trainers

I love shoes. After my family, friends and cats, shoes are my next great love. As a proud owner of about 50 pairs, I thought it would be impossible to narrow down which shoes to bring, but I think I’ve come up with a pretty good bunch. I went to Target today and snagged both of those pairs of flats for less than $40 total, because you better believe that I’m not bringing my Tory Burch flats to get destroyed by the cobblestone-laden Parisian streets. Along with that, I limited myself to just two pairs of heels because, in my opinion and what I’ve concluding from researching, anything more than that is just impractical. Come July when I head back to the States we’ll have to see just how many of these pairs survive the semester.



What’s a trip to Paris without some scarves and a classic black hat? I decided on three neutral scarves and one fun print– I didn’t want to bring too many because I’m sure I’ll be purchasing a few over there. I also found a beanie on sale at Ross just to make sure my head stays nice and warm.

Should I bring toiletries?


Maybe it’s just me, but the thought of having to navigate through Paris in an attempt to find toiletries sounds awful. I’d rather be spending my first days exploring and taking advantage of the giant winter sale that is luckily still going on when I arrive. Plus I know very well what kind of shampoo, conditioner, face wash etc. that works best for me and I refuse to chance looking like a homeless person while I’m in the chicest city in the world. Along with that, I am constantly getting sick and medication isn’t as readily available in Europe as it is here, so I made sure to stock up on allergy meds, ibuprofen and Mucinex. And yes, in case you were wondering, I did pack a jar of peanut butter in my suitcase.

Roll vs. Fold

I’ve never rolled my clothes while packing, so I was skeptical to the idea. But I’ve also never packed for five months before, so I decided to give it a try. Folders, forget all that you know because rolling your clothes is 100% the way to go. I fit almost all of my clothes in just one suitcase, and it if wasn’t for the 50lb weight limit I could have fit even more. Granted, there are some things that you can’t roll, like giant sweaters or coats, so I folded these things and put them on the bottom of my suitcase to cushion my breakable items (toiletries, shoes, perfume etc.)

So there it is! This packing process took weeks and I’ve been planning it for months. This is probably because I’m part perfectionist and part procrastinator, but I think I did a pretty good job. Once I get to Paris I’ll keep you guys updated about what worked and what didn’t. For now, I’m going to spend my last two days at home getting as much cuddle time with my fur children as possible and eat my body weight in my favorite American foods.


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