Sunny daze

After being in Paris for two weeks I finally went to see the Eiffel Tour. Yesterday was a perfect day for sightseeing because the sky was clear and the sun was shining. I almost forgot what it was like to wear sunglasses because that’s how rarely the sky isn’t covered with clouds. Everyone always says that you’ll be really overwhelmed by how big the Eiffel tower is, and maybe this is just me being impossible to please, but I thought it was kind of small. But don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely beautiful– see for yourself.

FullSizeRenderNow let’s talk about what I wore, because after all that’s probably what attracted most of you to come read this. Here’s my version of the perfect sightseeing ensemble.

FullSizeRenderLet’s start from the ground up…


If you are planning on visiting Paris, or any European city with a lot of walking, you absolutely need tennis shoes (‘des baskets’ en français). If you’re cringing at the thought of wearing athletic shoes with a otherwise feminine/classic outfit, don’t be afraid, I promise you’ll look fine, if not better with these on your feet.


So I got a little overzealous when I saw the sunshine yesterday and decided to only wear one pair of pants. Yes, you read that correctly. The key to keeping warm in Paris is layering. Normally I’ll wear a pair of tights underneath my jeans or double up on leggings. I know it sounds silly, but you’ll be thanking me later when you’re the only one who isn’t shivering walking down Champs Elysée.


Layers reign supreme yet again. Today I had on a tank top, long sleeve tee and blazer– sometimes I’ll even throw in another layer when it’s really chilly. I added on my black coat that I wear basically everyday and voilà.


When sightseeing, you don’t want to have to worry about a big bulky bag. Bring one with a strap so you can sling it across your body when you get sick of holding it. I love my Rebecca Minkoff Perry Satchel, because it holds all of my necessities and it’s super easy to transport. Make sure to add a big, chunky scarf into the mix because I promise it will save you from the sniffles.

FullSizeRenderAnother perspective of la Tour Eiffel.

Studying abroad has really changed my ideas about perspective. It’s everything. So often I’ll find myself wasting my entire weekends doing nothing because it’s convenient. I’ll blast through about 7 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, with an occasional break to refill my snack arsenal, but finding my favorite frozen dinner at the back of the freezer often serves as my greatest victory. Here in Paris I see things a little bit differently.

The only times that I find myself sitting in bed watching Netflix are in passing. I’ll have a movie playing while I do my makeup in the morning or listen to The Bachelor while I work on my blog. But that’s it, because I am in Paris and it would be absolutely absurd to do anything but make the most of every single moment. Granted, Paris is an amazing city, but I think a big part of why it is so amazing has to do with perspective. Every day has the potential to be the most incredible day of your life, but I think sometimes we refuse to let it because of our surroundings. Coming here has made me realize that it’s not about where you are, but the attitude you choose to have about where you are each day.

Change your perspective, change your life. I think the saying rings true because I’ve been here for 14 days and I already feeling like things are changing for me in a really, really positive way.



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