A night at the Opera

When I signed up for my study abroad program, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into– and in a good way. Along with a few weekend trips to Normandy and the Loire Valley, we also get to get to do a lot of cool activities during the weeks. Last night it was a visit to l’Opéra Garnier for the ballet ‘La Chant de la Terre.’ This building is the most beautiful one I’ve seen so far (sorry, Fontainebleau!) Here’s the entry…

FullSizeRenderAfter entering you’re greeted by a beautiful staircase filled with horsemen, baby angels and the most elaborate crown molding.

FullSizeRenderThen you take a look up and you see a rendezvous among the Greek gods. Can you imagine being the poor soul chosen to climb up that ladder and paint all of that?

FullSizeRenderAnd now we are in the theater! Although we were seated about as high as you can get, the view was fantastic. But let me warn you, if you ever go to this theater I would advise you to spend a little more on your seats because I was aching after being cramped in such a small spot for an hour and a half. Note: the drapes aren’t actually drapes, just a giant tapestry with drapes printed on to it.


Again with the ceilings…

FullSizeRenderOverall, the ballet was beautiful and I’m so grateful that I chose a study abroad program that helps us make the most out of our Parisian experience.


There is so much to do in Paris which makes it really easy to miss out on something amazing because you’re so caught up with being busy. So because of that I decided to make a Paris bucket list, filled with all of the museums, boutiques and restaurants that I want to visit while I’m here. A few of my must-sees include the Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris’s largest second-hand luxury store Réciproque and Le Baron Rouge, a wine bar that even the locals rave about. And of course, I’ll keep you all updated along the way.


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