My shopping bag: February finds

The second installment of “My shopping bag” is here, and I think this is the most exciting post yet because all of my purchases were made in Paris. This probably won’t come as too much of a surprise, but the shopping here is phenomenal. For the first few days after I got here, I was feeling pretty down. I was freezing cold all the time, I went from have 200 sorority sisters to having zero friends and my feet felt like they were about to fall off from walking all day long. But then I found a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s called les soldes, AKA sales.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.46.47 PMSeeing stripes

‘X’ marks the spot with this perfect chiffon tee from Comptoir des Cotonniers. I had never heard of this store until I was wandering down the cobblestone streets around my school and couldn’t help but go inside after eying some inspiring window displays. After a 60% off sale and a wonderfully kind sales associate who made me feel like I had a friend, I was sold on this classic tee.

Des bottines

French lessons with Emmy have officially begun, because I just taught you have to say “ankle boots.” I bought a pair of flats half a size too small, and after walking around in them for an hour I was actually nauseous from pain. By the grace of the shopping gods, I was only a block away from an H&M, and that’s how these cheeky little boots ended up in my closet.

Heating up

When most people think of Parisian fashion they think of two things– a lot of black and and a lot of scarves. Both of these notions are true. But let me tell you why scarves are everywhere in Paris, IT IS COLD. I had no idea how much of a difference it made having your neck covered when walking through the tundra that is France, until along came this knit infinity scarf that made me about 10 times warmer (not exaggerating).

The not so new classic

Like I said before, my feet were literally at a breaking point after walking around Paris in motorcycle boots and heeled Chelsea boots. Considering that I am the pickiest human alive when it comes to purchasing shoes, I was thrilled when a shining pair of comfy, padded New Balances sneakers greeted me when I walked into Comptoir des Cotonniers. All the French girls wear these shoes and now I totally understand why, not only do they add an instant cool factor, but it feels like you are walking on cloud nine.

Comment below with what’s in your shopping bag this month!


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