Looking on the bright side

Time for another hidden Parisian gem! If you’ve ever searched “Paris” on Pinterest, you’ve probably stumbled across a picture of Rue Cremieux without even knowing it, so today we decided to check out this social media sensation in person. This tiny little street is filled with brightly colored homes, all of which are painted in a different shade of pastel.

FullSizeRenderUnfortunately the sun had started to set when we visited, so you can’t quite see just how vibrant these homes were.
FullSizeRenderThis street may or may have not been painted solely for outfit selfies, but I’m thinking it’s probably the former 😉

Before we visited Rue Cremieux, we got brunch at the Bottle Shop and got our daily dose of culture at the Musée National Picasso. I decided to opt for boyfriend jeans, H&M ankle boots, a black sweater, black coat, floppy hat and my ever-so-trusty Rebecca Minkoff satchel– and the over-sized shades were the perfect accessory to accompany my complete lack of motivation to put on any makeup this morning.

FullSizeRenderThis little pink house was the cutest.

FullSizeRenderIn case you didn’t believe me about how bright the houses are on this street…

Days like today remind me just how lucky I am to be in Paris. The combination of an incredible brunch that only set me back 15 euro, a museum visit that sparked a new-found interest in surrealist art, and a quick stop in a café (despite its incredibly average mousse au chocolat) made for the perfect Sunday. Even though it is so difficult to be away from the people that I love, I’ve been filling the void with new interests and trying learn as much as possible about the amazing city that I’m in. I have spent my metro rides rekindling my love for reading and my weekends discovering a love for modern art that I never knew I had. I’m so excited to see how I view the world by the end of this trip, and I’m even more excited about the person that studying abroad is turning me into.


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