Mini cupcakes and a quick trip to South America

When it comes to food, I know what I like. I rarely venture outside my known countries of Italy and Mexico when I sit down for a meal, especially because I’m a vegetarian and I know that meat is a huge part of most cuisine. But the beautiful part about Paris is that I’m 99% sure that it’s impossible to find a pastry that isn’t vegetarian. Along with that, when you live in a city as large as Paris, you can try food from just about any country that you want to.

A cupcake a day…

FullSizeRenderThis mini cupcake from Berko, a little cupcake and cheesecake bakery, served as the perfect afternoon snack. I opted for chocolate peanut butter, but they had every flavor you could ever imagine, including a raspberry one that had the prettiest, most vibrant frosting I’ve ever seen.

Pain au chocolat dans le parc

IMG_5757I know this little pain au chocolat doesn’t look like much, but I think it might be the best one I’ve had since arriving in Paris– and that says a lot because I eat these almost every day. I got it from La Boulangerie des Invalides-Jocteur and enjoyed it while sitting at a beautiful little park in front of Invalides.

Not bread and cheese

FullSizeRenderLet’s take a break from the sweet stuff and talk about this amazing vegetarian rice bowl I got from Bob’s Kitchen. This place is pretty well-known and has quite a few celebrity fans, including Karlie Kloss, but after trying this peanut saté vegetable stew, I totally understand why. It was filled with roasted vegetables, brown rice, and a handful of fresh spinach.

A turnaround trip to Argentina

FullSizeRenderI’ve never tried any kind of South American food, but after trying to get lunch at a restaurant that was way too crowded, we ended up down the street at Clasico Argentino. Situated in the Marais, this restaurant serves Argentinian empanadas and seals them with different designs that serve as a key for the what’s stuffed inside. We tried cheese/onion (circle pattern) and cheese/spinach (triangle pattern) with rocquette salads, and if all South American food is anything like this place, I will definitely be trying more.

Wine, wine, wine

FullSizeRenderAlong with taking a class about fashion, I am also taking a class about food. Our teacher gave us tickets to the Salon des Vins des Vignérons Indépendants, which is a giant wine festival where you receive as glass your ticket and can try as many wines as you please. I’ve done some cool things since being in Paris, but this wine tasting was hands down my favorite. I learned a lot about different wines and how they are made, and even tried everyone’s favorite after dinner treat– cognac (let’s just say I probably won’t be ordering it at a restaurant). My favorite find of the day was a chardonnay-champagne mix, which I didn’t even know was a thing.

So  in case you haven’t caught on yet, I’m eating and drinking pretty well in Paris and I love sharing all of my culinary discoveries with everyone. Make sure to check back soon for more of French foodie finds!


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