Easter in Eataly

With spring break just around the corner, I figured it was finally about time that I got to writing about Florence. I was going to try and put it all into one giant post, but after realizing how many beautiful sights I saw and how much delicious food I ate, I decided that it wasn’t possible. So for now, I’m going to save the sightseeing for later and focus on my absolute favorite part of the trip– the food.

For our first meal, we decided on an outdoor cafe just outside of our apartment. Choosing what to eat seemed impossible because I wanted to try everything on the menu. As soon as our waitress came over I faced a moment of panic, and just stuck to what I knew and went for plain ol’ spaghetti pomodoro. It did not disappoint. I’ve never tasted such an amazing marinara sauce in my life, and as an avid tomato-lover I couldn’t have been more pleased with how fresh and flavorful it was.IMG_0041Someone please put this stuff in a bottle because the whole world deserves to try something so delightful.

After relaxing lunch on the terrace, we spent the afternoon exploring the streets of Firenze. After living in Paris for two months, it was so bizarre being in a city where you can walk from one end to the end in less than 45 minutes. Nevertheless we still managed to work up an appetite for dinner. I treated myself to some pesto gnocchi and tiramisu. The gnocchi was soft and buttery and the tiramisu not only had the traditional lady fingers soaked in espresso, but also a little bit of cookie to add some unexpected crunch.

IMG_0074Pesto counts as vegetable, right?

IMG_0075Of the two tiramisus that I tried in Florence, this one definitely took the cake.

Much to our dismay, the next afternoon was filled with nothing but some serious April showers. Lucky for us, a legendary pizzeria was just a few steps away from our door. After running home from the opposite side of town in the pouring rain, we scurried into Gusta Pizza, which served as our light at the of a very wet tunnel. I decided on classic margarita pizza that cost me a whopping 5 euro and had a taste that you can’t put a price on.

IMG_0059I think I’ll marry an Italian man just so I can inherit a family who can make pizza sauce like the one on this bad boy.

When the rain finally stopped we decided to head back out to the city center to visit the Gucci Museo. Right before I arrived in Florence, a high school friend told me that she was studying there for the semester, so we decided to get dinner together after the museum. Now that I had crossed a few Italian classics off my list, it was time to add on another of my favorites– eggplant parmesan. Unlike the fried eggplant parm that we know in the US, this one was layered like lasagna and, obviously, a million times better.

IMG_0057(1)I love you.

After dinner I decided to try myself to one of my new-found favorite desserts– a canoli. I had never tried one before coming to Italy, and I’m so happy that I was with a friend who is such an avid canoli lover, because I don’t know if my life would be the same without trying one.

IMG_5883Call me crazy, but I can’t help taste a hint of powdered donut whenever I eat a canoli.

For our final night in Firenze we decided to try somewhere a little fancier for dinner. Thanks to the our gracious host and his advice, we learned about apertivo, which is where you go out to get a pre-dinner drink to stimulate your appetite, but the best part about it is that it comes with a buffet. We decided on some artsy strawberry daiquiris and a traditional Italian beverage made with presecco and bitters.

IMG_0055The Mango Deck strawberry daquiris have nothing on these.

When I heard that apertivo was just a bunch of appetizers, I wasn’t very excited considering all of the amazing food that Italy has to offer. Much to my delight, this buffet was anything but ordinary. It featured a caprese salad (and let me tell you, you have to try fresh mozzarella in Italy before you die), a broccoli salad, mini focaccia sandwiches, charcuterie, olives and even more cheese. I felt brave and tried octopus, but after realizing it tasted like what my cat’s food smells like, I decided to stick to my veggies.

IMG_0056Overall, I really cannot complain at all about the food that we ate in Italy, but you probably will hear me complaining about how badly I want to go back so I can eat some more 😉


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