Where’s the beach?

In Barcelona, of course! This weekend, a friend and I made a trip to the incredible city of Barcelona. It was a weekend filled with beautiful architecture, sandy beaches and tapas. Despite bringing back an unforgiving sunburn, this weekend was certainly one of the books.

IMG_6500Walking through the streets of Barca

After traveling to nine different countries this semester, I’ve learned that walking tours are the absolute best way to see a city. They normally knock out pretty much all of the major tourist attractions, and you can almost always find one for free! We visited stunning cathedrals and local hotspots, all while learning a little bit of Catalan history.

11377382_10154435882987837_18612084385331421_nSippin’ sangria during a walking tour pit stop

After our walking tour, we decided to take a trip to the beach. Considering I live in Arizona, it is needless to say that I don’t frequent the beach often. So despite the less-than-desirable winds whipping sand into my eyes, it felt wonderful to lay in the sun after spending the past four months in cold, cloudy Paris.

IMG_6542Fun fact: I didn’t shed a single tear when I got that rib tattoo

IMG_6545Loving the high necklines on swimsuits this season (despite the brutal tan lines)

The beach and the sights were certainly something to be remembered, but ultimately my favorite part about Barcelona was the food. When it comes to dinner time, the Spaniards opt for something a little bit lighter, and it’s called tapas. Tapas consists of a bunch of smaller plates, kind of like appetizers, that are meant for sharing. Ranging from olives to baked potatoes, the Barcelona tapas menus had something to offer for everyone.

IMG_6534Baked, creamy cheese with crusty bread and some marinated artichokes

Call me crazy, but I think the Spanish definitely give the French a run for their money when it comes to culinary talent. After the recommendation of a friend, we visited Brunch and Cake, a breakfast restaurant located in a part of Barcelona that reminded me of Los Angeles. After about two bites into my meal, I completely understand why this restaurant had my friend raving for weeks.

IMG_6508Avocado and greens bagel with mushroom and herb scrambled eggs

After these past few days, it’s clear to see why everyone says that you have to visit Barcelona when you’re in Europe. My weekend getaway left me with a satisfied tummy, a decent tan and a happy heart. The only part that I hate about traveling is only having a few days to try and get to know an entire city. With that being said, I can’t wait to come back to Europe and get to spend even more time in all of the unique places I’ve been fortune enough to get a little taste of this semester.


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