When the sun starts to shine

The sun is finally shining in Paris, and my legs are starting to see sunshine for maybe the 5th or 6th time since I’ve been here. The sad thing about that? I’m leaving in two weeks. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be taking full advantage of the few days left that I have with skirts and crop tops (yep, I wore crop tops in the best-dressed city in the world).

IMG_6739As a die-hard crop top fan, you best believe that I brought a few with me on my trip across the pond. The key to wearing crop tops in a classy way is making sure that you match them with something with a nice high waist. This pleated beaut from Forever21 covers my belly button, which in my opinion is an absolute must when you have it pierced liked I do.

FullSizeRenderPretty much all of my friends back in the US have made no effort to hide their disgust toward my New Balances. Well, let me tell you two things. First of all, they are absolutely crucial to making sure your feet don’t fall off when you are walking on average 10 miles per day through the city. Second, 90% of Parisians wear them, so basically you’re the weirdo if you don’t own a pair (not me).

Overall, I cannot believe that my time left in this city is down to only two weeks and leaving is the last thing I want to do. Plus, that means I only have fourteen more days to get as many cute outfit selfies as possible. Wish me luck! (Although in this city, I doubt I’ll need it)


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