Denver Days

Just a little warning– this post is a bit overdue, but better late than never right? Right before I headed back to AZ for the fall, my wonderful best friend took me on a trip to Denver to visit our local amusement park. Despite my fear of heights, I was somehow born with an innate love of roller coasters, so you can imagine my delight in a free trip to a theme park. Even though it’s only a 45 minute drive from my home, I rarely make it up here so I was happy to have an excuse to make the trip up north. We started our day with brunch (with mimosas of course) and then followed it with a photo shoot before our we got inevitably disgusting at Six Flags.


My outfit consisted of Zara sandals that I bought in Paris (and still have dirt on them from the Jardin de Luxembourg), an over-sized striped tank, high-waisted shorts, a chambray shirt and, of course, my go-to Rebecca Minkoff bag.

IMG_4044Although there were a few outfit changes throughout the day (one of them you can see here in my StyleGuru Bio on this is what I ended up wearing for our trek around the amusement park. I must admit though, I had to trade in the sandals for some sneakers and my favorite Rebecca Minkoff bag for a fanny pack.

IMG_4030IMG_4037Am I doing this “candid” thing right?

IMG_4026Even though I’m now back in Arizona, you better believe I will definitely be making more trips to Denver the next time I’m in my beautiful home state.


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