Time for Change

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of working at a magazine. I first started reading Seventeen when I was eight years old, and the rest was history. My junior year of high school I started taking yearbook, which is basically like your high school’s version of a magazine if you think about, and my desire to work for a major publication grew. Then I applied to ASU because of their exceptionally easy application process and ended up falling in love with their journalism program. My freshman year started and I told myself that I was going complete six internships by the time I graduated.

With such lofty career goals, I knew that I’d have to get as much as experience as possible to even be considered in such a cutthroat industry. For me, it’s always been Hearst, Condé Nast or nothing. Right now I’m currently working for internships six and seven, and making plans for magic number eight for next semester.

I’ve been compiling a list of contacts at every major magazine and public relations firm for months, waiting for the opportunity to actually start emailing all of these people. After spending hours perfecting my cover letter (shout out to all my roommates and friends who listened to me read it to them 700 times) and waking at 5am for multiple phone interviews, it finally came time to decide were I would be working next semester. I had the choice between two incredible publications, but after thinking long and hard about what would be the best career move, I finally made up my mind.

Marie Claire_January 2015

I’m so beyond excited to say that I have accepted an accessories internship at Marie Claire magazine. I will be moving to New York City in literally five weeks and diving into 10 hour work days on the 34th floor of Hearst Tower. This feels a lot like the move to Paris, because it’s a combination of the most excited and the most terrified that I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s probably the coolest thing in the world to see so many years of hard work result in such an incredible opportunity. When I received my offer email, I don’t think I really even processed what happened. The girl from Colorado Springs, Colorado is moving to NYC to work for Marie Claire. That doesn’t happen to just anyone.

As excited as I am to move forward with such an exciting opportunity, it’s heartbreaking knowing that these last few weeks are really all I have with everyone at ASU. The nights spent bumming around for hours with my little, dancing on the same tables at the same bars every weekend, and girl dates at Thai Basil mean so much more than they ever have, and I’d be lying if I said it was going to be easy to leave all of these people I’ve grown up with over the past three and a half years.

As of right now, my time at Marie Claire is set to end in February, and I’ve got one of the most exciting interviews yet coming up this Tuesday for an opportunity that would start afterwards. Check back soon for hopefully even more exciting news and feel free to send any tips about living the Big Apple my way!


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