My first bite of the Big Apple

After carefully calculating two perfectly packed suitcases and a surprisingly smooth trip, I made it to my newfound New York City home last night. For the next six months I will be living at the Webster Apartments in Midtown (I think?). Apparently there are about 100 little neighborhoods within Manhattan, so bare with me until I sort them all out. So far, I’m loving the neighborhood that I’m in because it’s constantly packed with people and I doubt I will ever say the words “I’m bored” during these next few months.


Lucky for me, I ran into an old friend at the airport yesterday who was also traveling to NYC, so I didn’t have to spend my first night eating dinner alone. Today, I spent the day in downtown with another friend who is spending a few days in the city. We visited Ground Zero, explored downtown, ate lunch in Little Italy, and finished up at Macy’s so I could buy myself a pillow in hopes of making my shoe box of a room a little more comfortable.

IMG_0303In regards to what I wore, I’m incredibly grateful for my time in Paris, because I’ve already had months of experience getting dressed in one of the best-dressed cities in the world. I’m also grateful for Paris, because I learned that just because a jacket or a pair of boots looks warm, doesn’t mean they actually are warm. With these two things in mind, I came prepared with wool jackets and fuzzy socks in tow.

Temperatures hung out in the 50s today, so there was no need for a parka and snow boots. I decided on a pair of Madewell skinny jeans, an Express coat that I’ve had since high school, Marc Fisher knee-high boots and an H&M over-sized scarf.


My time in Paris also taught me that life becomes incredibly boring with only two handbags to pick from– so this time I brought five. Today I opted for my trusty Rebecca Minkoff top handle. I threw on a couple rings, and I was good to go!


I’m so excited to see what’s to come in the next few months, and it all starts tomorrow with my first day as an accessories intern at Marie Claire. I cannot believe that something I’ve dreamed about for so long is actually becoming a reality in just a few hours. I think I’ve decided on the perfect outfit, and all of my nerves are slowly turning into excitement– at least until I walk into the Hearst Tower doors. Now, it’s time for me to hopefully fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

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