Studded chokers and sailor hats

Get ready for the corniest line I’ve ever written on this blog- but time really does fly when you’re having fun. I cannot believe I’ve been at Marie Claire for more than 5 weeks now. Working 9 hour days in the closet and running all over the city is exhausting, so pardon my posting empathy. But have no fear, I’ve got a few good stories for you to make up for it.


For the past two weeks, there have been four of us working together in the closet– two in fashion, two in accessories. Over these two weeks, I was lucky enough to have a funny, spunky girl from Jersey to work with, and let me tell you, I don’t think Hearst has ever seen a pair of shoes checked in so quickly. All good things come to an end though, and my fellow intern had to head back to start school. On her last day, which was last Friday, I asked my boss if anyone would be starting the following week. She laughed and said, “You’re all alone, I’m sorry” like some sort of impending doom was headed my way. Luckily, things have stayed pretty calm this week, and I haven’t had any problems managing the accessories duties all by myself. That being said, there’s a run-through this Friday (yes, like the famous Devil Wears Prada run-through scene), so hopefully I will survive the chaos and be able to tell you guys all about it.


One of my favorite outfits so far

While wearing the outfit pictured above, I had my first (and hopefully not last) conversation with the queen herself, Nina Garcia. Our story begins with me in my natural state, shoving my food in my mouth in the conference room. Luckily I was close to finishing my food, because Nina walked by, and after hearing about her disdain for lazy, snacking interns, I quickly threw my food in the trash and followed her into the closet to get back to work. Nina doesn’t frequent the closet often, but when she does, it’s because she needs something– and this day it was props for her son’s school play.

“Do we have any sailor hats?? How are there not any sailor hats?” She asked as a fellow intern and I tore through every pile of hats in the closet. No surprise here, but my ever-so-graceful self dropped a stack full of visors on to Nina’s head. Luckily most of them missed her, and even more luckily, she was in a good mood. Once she gave up on sailor hats, she started her search for a crystal-studded choker. We scoured all of the jewelry drawers, and when those turned up empty, we moved on to the buckets of belts lining the closet walls. We had found a few that might work, but none that fit exactly what she was working for.

Refusing to give up, and refusing to let Nina remember me as the intern who dropped a tacky green visor on her head, I spotted a drawer labeled “studded belts.” I pulled it out and began to dig through it, and like a shining beacon of hope, a crystal-studded diamond belt grazed my finger tips. I pulled it out and eagerly said, “Nina, what about this one?” She turned and took it from me, and looked me in the eye and said, “This is perfect, exactly what I am looking for!” Let me tell you, retribution has never felt so good.


Feelin’ myself

So far, this week has been the best yet. I’ve bonded with my coworkers over things like shared hometowns and a love for grilled cheese, and I finally feel like I’m becoming a part of the Marie Claire family. I was lucky enough to sit down with the Senior Fashion Market Editor Brittany Kozerski today and pick her brain about career advice and the magazine industry in general. I have no idea if I’ll end up working at a magazine after graduation, but after the experiences I’ve had at Marie Claire, my desire to work toward that has never been stronger.


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