One for the books

I remember all the times back at ASU when I would find myself thinking, “Oh my god, I am so busy.” This past week has shown me that those weeks have got nothing on the fast-paced, NYC life that I now live. Between interning at least 45 hours a week, hostessing for 12 hours each weekend, and two online classes full of reading and discussion boards, the work never stops. On top of this, I have to keep all my loyal High Fashion between Classes followers updated as well! My last post was the first of my “Devil Wears Prada- Debunked” series, and I’m happy to say this post will serve the second installment.


Now I’m sure some of you remember “The Book.” You know, the mock-up of the magazine that Andy has to wait around for each night so she can deliver it to Miranda. Well let me tell you, “The Book” actually does exist! I discovered this when I was given another assistant from Nina’s assistant, an assignment to make “The Book.” When telling me what I was going to do, he actually referenced The Devil Wears Prada. But how similar is “The Book” at Marie Claire to the one at Vogue?

The Verdict:

Yes, “The Book” is in fact real. But, there is no waiting around for it every night to deliver it to Nina– the pages get added in as they are finalized. Also, it only took me about 45 minutes to get the whole thing together. All I had to do was simply follow the outline for the April issue, print out a sheet for each page, and put it all together in a binder.

Anti-climatic? Maybe. Crucial to the magazine’s success? Absolutely.


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