Seeing double

After a weekend trip to St. Malo and Normandy, I’m finally back in Paris. We visited beautiful monuments and I learned so much about World War II, but I’ll get back to that in a later post. For now let’s get back to Paris Fashion Week. In case you missed it, I’ve been having some … More Seeing double

A fresh take on basics: Meet French designer Jacquemus

Although winter break can be painfully boring at times, it also has it perks, one of which being that fact that I can read as much as I want to. Today I was browsing (aka the fashion bible) and I was reading an article about anticipated fashion collaborations coming this year. As I was … More A fresh take on basics: Meet French designer Jacquemus

Menswear Chic

Some people absolutely dread having to dress “business casual.” It’s difficult to incorporate trendy pieces when a lot of people think that you’re confined to blazers, pencil skirts and slacks. Lately I’ve been really into incorporating menswear trends into my outfits. I’m all about dressing very feminine and classic, but you can still look this … More Menswear Chic

Stylish options for cold(ish) weather

Break out your Uggs and infinity scarves, ladies, because it’s less than 65 degrees out. Tempe suddenly becomes the Arctic tundra when the thermometer drops below crop top-worthy weather. Every girl wears leggings, riding boots and an over-sized sweater while shivering violently as she holds her red, holiday Starbucks cup. This outfit is great, but … More Stylish options for cold(ish) weather