Where’s the beach?

In Barcelona, of course! This weekend, a friend and I made a trip to the incredible city of Barcelona. It was a weekend filled with beautiful architecture, sandy beaches and tapas. Despite bringing back an unforgiving sunburn, this weekend was certainly one of the books. Walking through the streets of Barca After traveling to nine … More Where’s the beach?

Hot off the press

Paris is a wonderful city to get inspired. There is art everywhere, ranging from hidden galleries to violinists playing in the metro. This abundance of beauty has inspired me to write about about lesser known, but equally enticing, places in Paris. Let’s begin with La Galcante, a tiny librarie tucked away in the 3rd arrondissement. … More Hot off the press

Easter in Eataly

With spring break just around the corner, I figured it was finally about time that I got to writing about Florence. I was going to try and put it all into one giant post, but after realizing how many beautiful sights I saw and how much delicious food I ate, I decided that it wasn’t … More Easter in Eataly

It’s all Gucci

For Easter weekend I took a trip down to the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. The weekend was filled with amazing food, beautiful sights and even an unexpected trip to the Gucci Museo, a three-floor museum dedicated to the legendary Italian designer. This museum featured all facets of the designer’s career and started off off … More It’s all Gucci

The purrfect Sunday

Since I’ve been in college, I’ve found myself absolutely hating Sunday. This day marks the end of weekend festivities and I would almost dread going to bed because the thought of having to wake up for another manic Monday sounded absolutely terrible. But here in Paris, Sunday has become my favorite day of the week. … More The purrfect Sunday

Color combinations 101: Cédric Charlier collection review

I know I’m a little behind on my collection reviews, but between my schoolwork and social outings, I’ve been pretty tied up. But don’t worry, the wait is finally over because my Cédric Charlier collection review is finally here! Out of the four shows that I attended during Paris Fashion Week, Cédric Charlier presented my … More Color combinations 101: Cédric Charlier collection review